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Welcome to Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival 2024!

Wednesday 17 April

Event 1 : All in the mind

18.30 – 19.30

Festival Chair Philip Gwynne Jones welcomes us to Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival 2024; following which the Festival begins with a bang as Crime Cymru co-Chair Louise Mumford talks to Penny Batchelor, BE Jones and Liz Webb.

Books discussed

The Hotel 


The Saved

The Reunion Party

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Event 2 : Elly Griffiths

20.00 – 21.00

Elly Griffiths, one of the greats of contemporary crime fiction, in conversation with Jacky Collins

Books discussed

  The Last Word

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Thursday 18 April


 (Welsh language event)

18.30 – 19.30

Cip olwg dros y genre sy’n ffynnu yng Nghymru at hyn o bryd.

Gyda Llwyd Owen, Alun Ffred, Meleri Wyn James a Myfanwy Alexander (yn cadeirio).

Llyfrau dan sylw


Coblyn o Sioe 

Dim Ond Un

Gwynt y Dwyrain


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Event 4 : Mystery in History

20.00 – 21.00

Andrew Taylor, Chris Lloyd, Leslie Scase, Alis Hawkins (Chair)

From ruined almshouses and political intrigue in the aftermath of the Great Fire of London, through human trafficking, foul play and scheming in Victorian Shrewsbury, to the exploitation of the black market and terrible ultimatums of the Occupiers in 1940s Paris, Mystery in History explores the world of historical crime fiction in three very different eras and settings. Alis Hawkins will be grilling Chris Lloyd, Leslie Scase and Andrew Taylor about the similarities and differences in their worlds and the peculiarities of writing crime set in the past.

Books discussed

   The Shadows of London

   Paris Requiem

   The Skeleton Army

   Flames of Anarchy

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Friday 19 April

Event 5  : Watery Graves

18.30 – 19.30


Watery Graves looks at crimes that take place in, on or around water, from the canals of Venice and the narrowboats of the UK to the wild seas and rugged shores of Shetland

Philip Gwynne Jones chairs a conversation with Andy Griffee and Marsali Taylor

Books discussed

  The Venetian Candidate

   Tulip Murders

   Death at a Shetland Festival

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Event 6 : Emerald Crime

20.00 – 21.00

All good crime writing carries with it a sense of place, and Ireland’s unique and complex historical, cultural and political context creates a fascinating backdrop for some of the most powerful and gripping fiction. We’re very happy to be announcing three of the country’s leading crime writers in conversation.

With Sam Blake, Brian McGilloway, John Banville and Catriona Cox (chair)

Books discussed

   The Lock-Up

   The Empty Room

   Three Little Birds

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Saturday 20 April



What is the ongoing appeal of the police procedural? From the dark valleys of South Wales to London’s bombed-out streets during the Blitz, to the stunning landscape of Snowdonia, the twists and turns of a police investigation remain a firm favourite for readers of crime. Simon McCleave will be discussing with Mark Ellis and Cheryl Rees-Price the roles of location, research and character in their respective series. 

With Simon McCleave (Chair), Mark Ellis and Cheryl Rees-Price

Books discussed

 The Chester Killings

Dead in the Water

Harbour No Secrets

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Sunday 21 April



With Alex Hawley (chair), Matt Johnson and Sarah Bax Horton

Books discussed

   Two Writers, One Story : My Life through Crime

   No Ordinary Day

   One-armed Jack

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Monday 22 April

Event 7  : Crime Kids

18.30 – 19.30

In this fascinating look at “thrillers for beginners”, Crime Kids sees three leading crime writers for children explore the art of writing crime fiction for younger readers.

Sarah Todd Taylor (chair) leads the conversation with Fleur Hitchcock and Sufiya Ahmed

Books discussed

   Alice Éclair, Spy Extraordinaire – A Dash of Daring

   Murder at Snowfall

   Rosie Raja Churchill’s Spy

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Event 8 : Mesdames of Mysterious Murders

20.00 – 21.00

If you like your crime fiction to have Christie-esque twists, and female main characters, this is the panel for you. These three crime writers have mastered the art of creating devious killers, thrilling plots…and women who risk everything to reveal the truth. 

With Cathy Ace (chair), Sarah Ward and Mary Grand

Books discussed

   The Corpse with the Opal Fingers

    The Sixth Lie

   Death At St Jude’s 

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Tuesday 23 April

Event 9 : Beyond the Beat

18.30 – 19.30

With Graham Bartlett (chair), Jacqui Harrett and James Oswald

Police procedurals are under the microscope as we investigate how detectives work in crime fiction. How much can a writer bend the rules of policing in their stories? Veracity or  fabrication? What wins? 

Books discussed

   City on Fire

   With Grave Consequences

   For Our Sins

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EVent 10 : CROESI FFINIAU (Welsh language event)


20.00 – 21.00

Sut mae awduron Cymraeg yn penderfynu ym mha iaith i ysgrifennu eu nofelau? Ydy’r meddylfryd yn wahanol wrth ysgrifennu yn Saesneg yn hytrach nag yn y Gymraeg? Pa ddewisiadau a wneir wrth drosi nofel o un iaith i’r llall?  

Mae Alison Layland, awdur a chyfieithydd, yn sgwrsio â’r awdur a dramodydd Fflur Dafydd sy’n ysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg – weithiau’n defnyddio’r un fframwaith storïol. Pa mor wahanol yw’r profiad o ysgrifennu yn y naill iaith o’i gymharu â’r llall?

 Gyda Fflur Dafydd ac Alison Layland (yn cyfweld).

 Llyfrau dan sylw

 Y Llyrfrgell

The Library Suicides





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Wednesday 24 April

Event 11 : Pen and Pod

18.00 – 19.30

In Pen and Pod three of today’s leading crime podcasters discuss the art of the podcast, featuring Vaseem Khan and Abir Mukherjee, both award-winning crime writers and hosts of the Red Hot Chilli Writers podcast, in conversation with leading reviewer and podcaster Paul Burke.

Books discussed

   Death of a Lesser God


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Event 12 : The other side of crime is magic

20.00 – 21.00

The Other Side of Crime is Magic explores the skulduggery of potions and incantations for the dark arts of nefarious acts and sinister magic.

With GJ Williams, James Lovegrove and Abi Barden(Chair)

Books discussed

The Conjuror’s Apprentice

 Sherlock Holmes and the Highgate Horrors


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