Are you interested in becoming part of Wales first international crime literature festival?

This is why we’d like you to get involved.

Wales is rugged. Wales is beautiful. Wales is a land of mountains bordered on three sides by the sea.  A land of contrasting panoramas, Wales – so legend would have it – is also home to dragons and dark deeds. Wales inspired Hinterland, Keeping Faith and Hidden. Wales has inspired writers the world over. Wales produced Dylan Thomas, Ken Follett and (another example). Wales is home to some of the best crime writers in the UK including Belinda Bauer, Matthew Hall, (one or two more), Alis Hawkins and Matt Johnson. Wales has no international crime fiction festival.

Crime Fiction and True-Crime are, by far, the most popular literary genres. England has eight major festivals, Scotland has three. Ireland now has several. All are attended by large and enthusiastic audiences. Bloody Scotland, based in Stirling, attracts an audience measured in the tens of thousands.

Wales, the home of Hinterland, Keeping Faith and Hidden, has no crime fiction literature festival.  We want to change that.

Our Motive.

Readers travel in their thousands to England, Scotland, or even over the water to Ireland to meet the celebrities of the crime fiction world.


People are dying to see a crime fiction festival in Wales.

Our very own organised crime group, the crime-writing members of Crime Cymru, are on the case.


The Scene of the Crime.

Gŵyl CRIME CYMRU Festival (GCCF) will take place in Aberystwyth between April 29th and May 2nd, 2022.


The evidence.

GCCF will offer a world class, international crime fiction festival. Household name headliners from Radio and TV drama will mix with the cream of the crime fiction bestseller lists. Readers and fans will have the chance to meet new as well as established writers from Wales, the UK and abroad. The arresting 4-day programme will pull in suspects in from all over.


Where are you getting your information?

It’s all over the web! See for yourself – type Gŵyl CRIME CYMRU Festival into Twitter, Insta, Facebook.  Celebs are getting excited about it, readers have tuned in to the online chatter. Radio, TV and podcast journalists are scheduling interviews. Readers from Canada and the US are already booking their accommodation. Murder and mayhem is coming to Aberystwyth!

Do you want a piece of the action?

It would be a crime not to.

Why link your organisation to GCCF?

  • Brand association with Wales first international crime literary festival
  • Association with the location and creativity of the Festival
  • Affiliation to leading writers, opinion formers, thinkers and celebrities
  • Access to an intelligent and affluent audience in a non hard-sell environment
  • Inclusion in marketing communications both in print and on-line
  • Presence in the programme and on our website
  • Complimentary tickets for client and staff hospitality and the chance to meet celebrity authors
  • Access to your market with flyers and advertising material
  • Unique way to entertain clients
  • Help to meet your CSR targets by supporting our community and education outreach work

GCCF needs sponsors. With negotiable packages available ranging between £250 and £5000, we hope you’d like to nail down a deal with us.

To become a part of this exciting project please email Lyndy Cooke, our Producer, on Admin@Gwylcrimecymrufestival.co.uk. Our team are waiting to speak with you.