visitors – how You can help

Hello and thank you for your interest in Gŵyl CRIME CYMRU Festival.  We are so looking forward to seeing you all in Aberystwyth in April.

We want this festival to be the best possible and are doing everything in our power to make sure that you all have a wonderful experience in the lovely town of Aberystwyth.

As visitors to the festival, you are of course a huge part of that success, and we would ask that you consider the following to help up all have the best time possible.

When attending events, please note that we will be opening the doors five minutes before the event starts – the venues aren’t massive, and waiting areas are restricted, so please be considerate of others as you wait.  We may have to ask you to queue outside, but only if we have to, and we’re praying for fine weather.

At the venues, if you can have your tickets ready for scanning that will help reduce any potential delays in the queues. Inside, some seats will be reserved, usually on the front row, please respect any such markers.

We are operating a one way system in the museum to facilitate the easiest movement of people in and out of the auditorium, we only have 15 minutes between sessions which means we need your help with traffic flow.

Events at the museum should be entered via the Tourist Information Centre, and exited by the Bath Street exit from the museum. This will be marked and stewards will be available to help. The Bath Street entry and exit is via stairs, so alternative arrangements have been made for those with mobility issues.

If you have any mobility issues, there are lifts in both the museum and the library to help you. We will accommodate egress at the venues as best we can. Please identify your needs to our stewards.

It is part of our environmental policy to generate as little waste as possible, so when leaving any of the venues, please take any rubbish with you and dispose of it responsibly. There are no waste baskets at the venues.

After all events there will be signings in the Waterstones popup bookshop in The Gallery at the museum where book sales and signings will be held. If you are at an event in the museum, the one way system will take you past The Gallery. If you are at an event in the Library, speakers and signings will still take place in the museum, to help reduce noise and congestion at the library. After these events, please make your way down Queen Street to Bath Street and the back entrance to the museum where books will be available and the authors themselves will be there to sign books and chat with you.

It goes without saying that we hope you will be courteous and considerate to all other users of the venues and the population of Aberystwyth. We understand that there are other festivals/events on the same weekend in town, so we are sure it will be a lively environment, and we hope to keep it a happy, clean, and inclusive one too.